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Book Launch Party May 24th!

I’m over the moon about my new book release for Jade’s Awakening, a YA Fantasy novella. I’m having two separate parties! The first is on Twitter on May 24th 6-7 PM (Eastern Standard Time/NYC time) The second is on Facebook May 24th  7:30-8:30 PM (EST) Why? Because my readers are the BEST and they deserve […]

New Novella Book Launch May 24th Jade’s Awakening

What would you do if you had only one pill left? One pill that could stop you from becoming a supernatural.  Jade Delacourt has that pill and wants to avoid the chaos and fear that her recent supernatural powers have brought upon her and her family. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, Jade is […]

For Writers Twitter and Pitch Parties… PitMad, PitchMAS, SFFPit, Pit2Pub, SonofaPitch and DVpit

Manuscript finished, now what? It’s edited and polished…don’t let it gather dust.  This is for writers who want to get their manuscript in the hands of agents or publishers. I have self published two novellas, Jade’s Awakening and Jade’s Descent. I plan on completing the series at five books. However, I have another book, my […]

So much to be Thankful for

by Isabelle Hardesty This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for my wonderful family.  It’s humbling to have so much to be thankful for. This year, I am also thankful for the writing community who are so generous and helpful. I was able to finally get published this year, thanks to Gilded Dragonfly Books. My short […]

Fall Essentials

This fall, be sure to have your copy of Legends of the Dragon to read during those chilly nights. Enjoy Jade’s Awakening, a short story written by Isabelle Hardesty. Click the video below to learn more about Jade. Legends of the Dragon features seventeen short stories.