Authorgraph Get Your e-books Signed – Writer Isabelle Hardesty

Have you ever wanted your e-book copies of your favorite books to be signed? Authorgraph lets authors sign e-books for their readers.  It’s very easy!

Most of all, a signed book connects the reader with the author and characters. We’ve all had a book that we didn’t want to end. A signed copy makes a book a bit more special. This is great for readers and writers.

Well you can, with Authorgraph. Get a signed copy of your e-book no matter where you live. Authors never charge for this. It’s a nice way for writers to reach even more readers.


Authorgraph is for the Writer and Reader

  • First, search or browse for authors or books. You can find Isabelle Hardesty books right here.
  • Next, click “Request Authorgraph”.
  • You will get an email when everything is done.
  • Finally, you can view in your favorite reading devices and apps!