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Manuscript finished, now what?

It’s edited and polished…don’t let it gather dust. 

This is for writers who want to get their manuscript in the hands of agents or publishers. I have self published two novellas, Jade’s Awakening and Jade’s Descent. I plan on completing the series at five books. However, I have another book, my novel about witches, that is a bigger project and I don’t want to self publish it. I want an agent. I want guidance.  This post is using Twitter to help get your book out there. Good luck!


So you’ve finally done it. Great job, writer! You have finished your novel despite all of the obstacles and distractions of everyday life. Take a deep breath and take the plunge!


Before you jump in, be sure to edit and polish your manuscript!

While working on my first novel in 2015, I  found some tweets about hashtags like #PitMad, #PitchMAS and #SFFpit. I ignored the tweets at first, not knowing what they were and thinking they must be targeting experienced writers or some sect of elite authors that I was obviously not a part of yet.

One day I went down the rabbit hole of #PitMad and came up with a huge carrot! This is a modern, free and relevant event that is extremely helpful to writers who are looking for agent representation or looking to be published directly via a publisher.


For Writers: How do these Twitter Pitch Events work?

  1. Create a short pitch that fits into the 140 character max. covering main character, conflict and stakes.
  2. Include #PitMad or whatever hashtag needed for your contest.
  3. Include a category. I use #YA for Young Adult. Include a genre. I add #UF for Urban Fiction. Click here for more info on categories and genres. Brenda Drake, the creator of PitMad has useful resources and information on her website.
  4.  If you will be at work or unable to tweet the day of the event, use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and schedule your tweets. Check each site to learn their rules.


A bit more information…

  1. When you receive a like from an agent or publisher, click on their Twitter account. Scroll through until you see their tweet which says something like the image below.
  2.  Do your research. If you want to work with this agent or publisher, send the requested submission to them.
  3.  That’s it! Check to see if you get more than one like on Twitter.




2016 #PitMad events are spread out throughout the year. You can only tweet 3 times total per manuscript. Rules are important and keep agents from getting overwhelmed.

For more information and rules, click here.

Read about success stories from PitMad here.


Then I found out about #SFFpit. This Twitter Pitch Party focuses on writers with unpublished, edited and polished manuscripts which are either Science Fiction or Fantasy for any age group. The 2016 dates have not been posted yet, so be sure to keep checking for the next event.  Click here to find out the specifics of this Twitter Pitch Party.


I was motivated, having sent out several queries from the previous two Pitch Parties. I then participated in PitchMAS. This was also very productive and led to several requests from agents or publishers who liked my pitches.



This is new and the first event will happen on February 11th. It’s a collaboration between and . Writers, editors and agents team up to make the best matches. February 11, 1-4 EST. This is organized by Brenda Drake and Jessica Sinsheimer.  For more info, click here.


#Pit2Pub and #SonofAPitch

Two more upcoming Twitter Pitch Parties I have yet to participate in are Pit2Pub and SonofAPitch. Both seem to aim at helping writers find publishers for their manuscripts. I don’t know if agents will be lurking, you never know.

SonofaPitch happens in four stages. The last day is the open Twitter Pitch Party. 

This is for all genres of YA, NA, and Adult.


April 19, 2016 is the debut for #DVpit aimed at helping marginalized voices be heard.  For more information visit


Interested in finding out about even more Twitter Pitch Parties?
Literary Agent Carly Watters shares important information about Twitter Pitch Parties and how to write a pitch. Click here

Want more information? Click Sub It Club here.

Some people may prefer bypassing Twitter Pitch Parties, but for me, it’s been a great way to jump in and see what agents and publishers are looking for. If it’s not your thing then you may prefer querying directly to agents or publishers.

A BIG Thank you!

I am so glad people like Brenda Drake, Dan Koboldt, Jessa Russo, Tamara Mataya, Kristin D.VanRisseghem, Beth Phelan and Katie Teller have organized these amazing Twitter Pitch Parties. Thank you!

Isabelle Hardesty

Isabelle NEW AUTHOR PHOTO4444444Hardesty is a writer and was born and raised in Miami on a street that had coconut trees and the scent of a nearby Cuban bakery’s latest creations wafting in the warm air.

Jade’s Awakening and Jade’s Descent are part of Isabelle Hardesty’s Delacourt Saga series. Both novellas are available on Amazon and Kobo.

Isabelle lives in Atlanta with her husband, who is also a writer, and their cat and dog. She loves being with her family, eating chocolate and connecting with readers. When she is not writing, you can find her either researching for her next book or painting.

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Here is a review that makes me smile:

“I was mesmerized from the beginning. The characters are well developed and the story line is amazing. I couldn’t put it down and was sad when I got to the last page. I can’t wait to see what happens next in Jade’s Descent. I’ve already pre-ordered!” – Lisa W.